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Cherry pie, I love to grow

What's up!?  long time listener and supporter.  Love the show and everything u guys do.  She was grown in 7 gal Radicle Bags with roots organic soil and 125g of Grow Dots, water, Recharge and Mammoth P in a 4×8 infinity tent with 1 550r and 1 600r Been growing lil...

Blueberry Muffin – Humboldt seed company

This Blueberry Muffin grew crazy in veg. After being topped she just wanted to grow horizontally. But when I threw her to flower she blew me away. A quick flower time of 50 days on 12/12, the smell of freshly baked Blueberry muffins is something I've never smelled...

Blackout Bobby: Exotic Genetix

Second run on this blackout Bobby super greasy

Cheetoz: Savage Genetics

Cheesy toes  

Georgia Pie Raw genetics

week 7 and Frosty MacNasty


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Reversal spray

Reversal spray

I have a few females I would like to reverse for seed production and phenotype preservation. The father is gone, so this would be my only option. I need to free up the footprint it occupied. I would like a good recommendation for a quality brand. Two part formula are...

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CBD fems

CBD fems

I just wanna know if breeding with fems is OK to do or should it only be done with regs? I'm asking because I got some thunderstruck seeds from they are basically all cbd, almost 0 thc, I want to make 1 or 2 1/1 strains with pollen from prior breeding...

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