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Original Mandarin Cookies from Ethos

What's up DGC!? Its been a while since my last dank nug, but I wanted to share a success story that was made possible because of podcasts like the Dude Grows Show and Rasta Jeff's Grow From your Heart. I'll start by saying I fucking love growing cannabis. It's my...

The GSC i wish i was younger for

The GSC i wish i was younger for. GSC x aliendog a beautiful plant.

Purple Lemonade Auto by FastBuds

Rockford, Michigan Day 45 of my purple lemonade autos outdoor 7-gal fabric pots Roots Organic soil growers choice -all purpose organic fertilizer through veg mother earth Flower Power organic during flower Recharge once a week from birth starting to build some nice...

Cherry Gar See Ya – Ethos

This beauty is at day 54 of flower in this pic. Fading real nice. Grown in a 7 gal pot in Pro Mix Mycho HP with worm castings. General hydro nutes with Remo kelp and gro tea silica. Nothing better than finishing work smashing a duber and tuning in to the DGC. Love the...

Apple fritter from archive portland

This is my first grow and ive been super excited about this apple fritter. I got the cut from archive in Portland and I'm stuck on these genetics. The smell is insane its super sweet and smells just like apple jacks taste. I cant wait for harvest. This is only week 5


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Auto still vegging

Auto still vegging

I have an Auto that been vegging for 2 months but stopped growing a few weeks ago. It's about time for outside grow to start flowering. Should i just stick it outside? I have a auto tent and a flower tent. My flower tent is a 2x2 which is packed with a plant in week 8...

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Male or Female?

Male or Female?

First time grower here. As a Patreon member, I got five free seeds from SeedsHereNow. They are Fruit-ella from Best Coast Genetics. All five popped easily and are currently overcrowding my 2x4 grow tent. Am growing the plants in BIO-ALL soil from BIO365 and recently...

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Pheno hunting landrace genetics

Pheno hunting landrace genetics

Hey Dudes! In 2014 I brought back landrace seeds from the Paktika/Khost area of the Hindu Kush mountains at 8000’ elevation. I have been pheno hunting these genetics for a few years now but could always use some advice. Btw…I also wrote a book about this and it’s on...

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