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Dutch Passion – Auto Night Queen

Here are a few autos i have in my side tent. The auto night queen is probably my favorite. This is the 3rd I've ran. Super potent Afghani autoflower. Others are sweet seeds - dark devil (green pheno) Red poison auto (dark red/tiny plant) Seedsman - amnesia (younger...

Pu tang and Tropicana cookies that I crossed

This is my cross of pu tang x Tropicana cookies. PUNGENT is the best word to describe it. If you love the funky strains this is for you. It smells like a mango that has been in a dumpster for a week. It’s sweet at first smell then the funk aroma hits your nose....

Girl Scout cookies from farmers lab seeds

Hey there just wanted to start out by giving a huge shoutout to the doc for all the help they’ve given me especially soup and mystro. This was my first grow and they were a huge help. I started my grow with dwc and switched halfway to rdwc with a chiller using gh...

#04 From Dead Tree Genetics

What's growing on DGC? BongsWorth here with my #04 from Dead Tree Genetics. I swear its the last #04 for awhile. Surrounded by Promix HP CC and fed every watering with Kosher Nutrients. Pulled on flower day 73, unlike the other #04 phenotype, this doesn't seem to have...

Irie Genetics Michel angelo

This michel angelo is an incredible strain it has a wonderful tangerine orange flavor, with a brilliant cookie dough flavor on the exhale.. it has that little some thing when your smoking you go wow emmmm i, what's that,,, this is my second time growing and i love...


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What can I mix?

What can I mix?

What’s up stoners, so I have been building my cupboard of grow ingredients. I’ve been using Recharge, fish shit, Mammoth P and Gnatrol in flower. I was watering daily and could use one every couple days. I recently switched from 3 gallon pots to 7 gallon. Now I am...

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I have a green house 20’ long x 10’ wide and 8’ tall.  I started my grow 4/1/21 and now pull a tarp over the plants to simulate darkness. My problem is humidity. Started off with 80% humidity and 75 degrees F. I have a box fan hanging high and a 8000 btu AC blowing in...

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