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Dude Grows Show – Grow Talk Episode 1186

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Iggy burnhard spiffington

Another strain I’ve been working with that I found out of bag seed this plant has a smell of licorice and cheese that was stored in a damp basement lol but it has always givin me trouble it comes out just not quite right but this time I listed a little more and treat...

Dream maker

This is my 3rd time growing this strain I call dream maker I got it out of some bag seed that I got from Colorado I’ve been learning so much working with the same plants learning what they want and need these nugs smell like toast with strawberry Jame love it !!

Hindu Kush – Free Market Clone

Recharging a BC golden oldie! Great all round recharging smoke with nice spicey aroma. Wake and bake gets me recharged every morning.  

ACDC, Dankraham Stankoln

Week 7 of flower

Dark Ghost Train Haze by Rare Dankness

Hey DGC, Heavy hitter, medium crop from this vigorous girl. Grown organically in soil with Recharge, Mammoth P, and Neptune Harvest. Her green and purple flowers come from the cross of Grape Ape and Ghost Train Haze (2013 Cannabis Cup place holder).  This girl put out...


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Enough light?

Enough light?

Hey DGC. My grow store recently had a raffle event to give back to the local grower community. I ended up spending the whole afternoon there talking with other local growers and walked away with a Nextlight Veg8 Switch, a 5L bottle of Fish Sh!t, and some sample...

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