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White Widow and GSC

Hey fellow growers. Just wanted to share my grow with ya. Just starting week 8 of flower. White Widow will be ready to harvest in a week and a bit. Going thru her flush. GSC still goin. Probably 10 weeks. Started another 2 White Widow and 1 GSC. In my small area. This...

Blueberry by Dj short

This is blueberry breed by Dj short strong blueberry smell nice tight nugz covered in crystals!!!

Juice Box Fem (white runtz x Gelato 41) by LoudCannagenix

What up DGC! This is my 3rd Gelato 41 cross I’ve grown this year and all have been fantastic! 3/4 were by Loud Cannagenix and I can fully vouch for the quality of these genetics. Grown in a mix of bumper crop soil builder(local peat based soil blend) and Coco Loco(not...

Blueberry by Seedsman

What's going on DGC! This was my second grow. First one was in the closet of my spare bedroom under a couple HLG 100s. This one I decided to kinda go all out. Grew 5 plants in a 5x5 gorilla growtent, under a HLG 600 Rspec in 5 gals. Inkbird Controllers for temp and...

Tropicana Chem from Covert Genetics

Yo DGC. This one is special to me. My keeper pheno of Tropicana chem from covert genetics. Covert is on seeds here now I believe. This is Tropicana cookies x chem de La chem. Grown under cmh and hlg qbs using knf/jadam inputs in 2.5 sub irrigation Planter trash cans....


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hermaphrodite in week 3

hermaphrodite in week 3

Hey guys, I'm a new grower and new to all of this but here's my problem. I just had a room hermaphrodite and this is my problem. I have 3 rooms with 50 in each. My first room hermied and I was checking second room. Oh ya that was week 8. That last room hermied....

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4 little diamonds

4 little diamonds

Been working on a diamond topping technique my buddy showed me. The strain is Goldleaf autoflower by ilgm. Ignore the yellow one. It decided to lock itself out and never come back for no reason. They all receive equal care.

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