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Dude Grows Show – Know Your Breeder – Matthew Riot from Riot Seeds

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Space Heater Colorado bagseed

First Post! Got turned on to you guys a couple months back and I love the show. You guys bring so much knowledge and comedic relief to the table. This was 1 out of 5 plants from my first grow, but was definitely the prettiest! She smells like lucky charms...

Gorilla Cookies Fastbuds Auto

Hi all here is a monster plant from Fastbuds its an autoflower believe it not. It yielded 1kg/2.2lbs dry and was oretty good smoke. Grown in autopots with airdome. Using full Dutch pro nutes. Grown under two spider farmer SF4000s. Shout out The Dude Scotty and  Guru...

Bag Seed from dr.greenthumb

I grew it in fox farms ocean forest using dr. Earth dry nutrients. I have a spider farmer sf7000.the smell is sweet with a strong kush smell in the background fucking bomb.... love the show keep it up very helpful what u see here is all advice from y'all thanks from...

Cookies Kush By Barney’s Farm

Hey DGC fam. I thought I would do a little time warp back to my first grow ever that got chopped back in December. I grew this wonderful ladies in Nectar of the gods #4 soil, with AN’s Ph perfect 3 part, big bud and bud candy under a cheap Viparspectra 1000w (fake...

Green Gelato Auto – Royal Queen Seeds

Just done and trimmed up using a trimbag (saved sooooo much time and gives it that "Cali" look I could never get with a hand trim. Used Vitalinks full range in plagron Coco, with winter frost and final finish to end with. Hung for 7 days at 18° and 55rh. Can't wait to...


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Flowering Home?

Flowering Home?

Hi fellow growers, thank everyone so much for all the legit info! My girlfriend is transferring from Houst0n, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida with her work. So she has decided to sell her house here in Houston, and I have to move my ladies by the end of the weekend so...

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For the love of SOG

For the love of SOG

what's up dudes! i'm so excited about my current grow. it is a 4x4 1000w hps\metal halide(veg). growing 9 gelato in 3 gallon fabric containers. the tent is in a small room with a wall ac. I'm having to run my ballast at a lower rating to keep temperature around 80. is...

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