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Hey DGC here is my report on my first Grow Dots test. To preface I will say that the batch of grow dots I have was some of the original before the formulation change with additional Cal/mag. These are the same cut of 🍋 Jeffery and are my flower phenos. They make pretty consistent tops and are less needy than my Rosin Pheno. These plants were grown in 7gallon rain science bags in reused coco with no amendments (usually add worm castings) to try to let just the grow dots show me their potential. One plant received 75g and the other received 100g. These plants had a great veg and were put into flower 4 weeks after their Grow Dots transplant into 7 gallon bags. It wasn’t until about the beginning of week 4 I started noticing a some yellowing in the foliage of the 75g plant only and began adding some additional calcium in the feeds for both plants in an attempt to keep all variables equal during this run so I never got the opportunity to see if the 100g plant was eventually going to need the calcium as well. To finish these plants I added some K+ Humates in week 6 and fed potassium sulfate through the end of flower. MSA was given with each feeding and a weekly dose of recharge was given up until week 7. These plants were grown under a 240 watt migro array for 10 weeks and finished out their final 5 days under 20/4 in my veg tent under my HLG 600 R.  I did my best to make sure both plants received exactly the same treatment other than the differing dose of grow dots, and here are my results:

The total yield was 4 grams shy of 2g/watt resulting in a 1.98g/watt rating. My best total yet. There was only an 8 gram difference between the 75g and 100g plants which was very interesting to me and the difference basically being not statistically significant. Since this is out of the first batch of grow dots without additional cal-mag I can at least conclude that changing the formulation was a good move. Basically only the addition of calcium was enough to help get the 75g through without sacrificing much yield so this leads me to believe a lower dose of the new batch formulations may be adequate enough without any additional inputs.

Big shout out to Scotty and real growers for making a simple and effective product. This was my easiest grow to date and I got my biggest payload yet. I got the dots put into rotation and I’m sure I’ll have more reports to come. I just got to burn through this 6lb bag of them I bought 4 months ago lol.

Hope everyone in the DGC is enjoying the summer and growing strong! #growerslove