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Whats up guys. Im posting an update from my post on 10/21. I found from trial and error and especially from the DGC what had gone wrong with the grow. I wasnt feeding them for first 2 weeks so i wasnt checking runoff. One of the crew members asked me about checking it and what do you know??. My ppm runoff was 1600… I flushed it for few days with RO and PH at 5.5. After i got run off to 400 ppm I added full strength dose of Recharge along with full dose of Sensi Grow 4-2-4 base nutes. Ppm was 600 for the intake nutrients. I kept feeding this every other day and between i would feed just base nutrients and some B-52 by advanced nutrients(stalk and stem strengthened with B Vitamins) the ppm for that feed was at 400. Stuck with this for 10 days which is today and I am amazed by how fast she took off. She just hit day 32 of veg and she is quite short, (Ruderalis) but she taking the LST quite well.
Just want to thank JMystro, Coachsteve, Nunyabizz, Sticky fingers, killzone and Godfatherofkush. Sorry if i missed a commenter. you guys helped me out and I really appreciate it.

The first image is before and after. The rest are just of today.