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Hey now DGC, this year for Xmas the wife and I set a budget and so I need help on how to spend. Currently I’ve got a 600 watt HPS in a 4×4 for flower with my veg space being outside just using a 300 watt cfl in a base reflector outside. I like outdoors needless to say but I want year round. So my thoughts were Spectrum King 400 with a closet case for extra spread. With the sales and the dude-code, I can get it delivered to my door for right under a thousand. Is that though best use of my cash? I’m not running sealed today (air cooled HPS from an earlier time) but I have a 15 # tank from beer brewing days so that may blow the closet case out and throw in a CO2 controller possibly to seal the room? I’d prefer to seal but I’d like advice from you folks to see what from your experience would be the best spend of the budget? Thanks DGC.