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Hi guys,

Bud McLovin here. As you might recall i started my first grow in August 2016 and germinated four Seeds (2x L.A. Confidential/2x Sexbud). I used only organic nutrients. My tent was 5 x 5 x 5 feet small with the shape of an igloo with a Spectrum King Closet Case with 100 Watt as a light source for veg and bloom.

This is what i learned on my first run … and maybe you guys could chime in with additional advice.

1.) The Closet Case is great, but …

… don’t expect big yields. I ended up with 53 grams of bud. Luckily those buds are very frosty, they are smelling good and are getting me very high. So i am happy. But i want more. So my next investment will be a LED-upgrade (maybe the Gromau5-Kit from Cutter in Australia).

2.) Veg longer.

I started my 12/12-Cycle too early. Thank god, i switched back after one day. My plants were not big enough at this time for bloom.

3.) Buy enough nutrients.

I didn’t expect to use so much nutrients for my four plants so i ordered way to less in the beginning. I went with 500-Gram-Pots of Guanokalongs Fish, Seaweed and Palmtree Ash from the start – and i had to order more. Next time i will be using at least the One-Kilogram-Pots.

4.) More Cal-Mag.
Late in bloom my plants showed typical signs of a cal-mag-deficiency. Next time i will be using more moringa powder. I used everything up after four weeks and i didn’t buy another bucket. Stupid me.

5.) Don’t panic.

Too hot, too cold, strange bugs – a few things happened during my first grow and every time i went into panic mode i did something stupid or i lost money because i bought something stupid. This leads to …

6.) Ask first, then act.

God save the DGC and all the good folks over at Instagram. If i encountered a problem they helped. They kept me from doing only stupid things.

7.) Hempys are easy and good.

The hempy-system is great for beginners because you don’t have to worry about over- or unterwatering. I went on several business trips during my grow and the ladies survived easily four days without watering

8.) Smaller Buckets could be better.

I grew in 5-Gallon-Buckets but i think smaller pots could be better for the size of my grow. They mean less water, less nutrients and more space in my tent.

9.) Don’t SCROG, try something else.

The problem with the SCROG-Method: I couldn’t move the plants. Maybe i will use bamboo-sticks for LST or the mainlining-method the next time.

10.) Harvest is a stinky thing.

My wife could not stop complaining about the dank-stank in the whole house. Next time: Close the fucking door to the attic, open all the windows and put the harvest-outfit straight into the washing machine.

Ein von Bud McLovin (@bud.mclovin) gepostetes Foto am 12. Dez 2016 um 4:11 Uhr

11.) Don’t freeze your trim if you wanna make dry-ice-hash.

My dry-ice-hash was great but there was too much water in it. I had to press it all out and this was not easy.

Thank you DGC for your time, help and support! This was just possible with you.

You will find all the pictures of my grow on my instagram-account.