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What’s good DGC, how are you growing today? Shout out to Scotty, Dude, Guru, and the entire crew, I’ve posted a few times and have gotten great responses and helpful answers. My questions today is in regards to my 5×5 – 400w flower tent. Is it possible to achieve 2 lbs. dry flower with such minimal watts?

I typically run a S.O.G. type method; whereas, I use more plants in smaller pots (in this case 16-17 in 3 gals), with a minimal veg time of about a month after clones root, and use the net to try and fill out the canopy, and as support for later in flower. Last 3 runs I’ve gotten 1.7 to 1.95 gpw. Would it be a better idea to use less plants, slightly larger “batteries” and a longer veg time in order to achieve the 2.28 gpw?

I don’t do a heavy feed, my current genetics don’t produce giant colas but rather dense golf to ping pong balls, and I have no complaints on the resin production … just want to push the yield a little more without boosters or changing anything mentioned. Big dreams I know, but curious as to the ideas and thoughts of all you growers .. cheers and happy harvests! Pics taken day 36 and 38