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Dude Grows Show 198 Growing Marijuana What’s Growing On


Every Wednesday at 4:20 The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out and talking about what is growing on around the Colorado grow scene.


Colorado Magic Board, Grow More Nutrients, Way to Grow

executive producer




Optic Foliar

RX Green Solutions


Ask The Dude, Scotty & Grow Guru a Grow Question to be answered on the Show.


In-depth content created by our crew to help you learn new skills and improve your garden


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Recharge is a microbial super inoculant that contains (all organic & in dry form): Kelp Extract, Humic | Fulvic | Amino Acids, Unsulfured Black Strap Molasses & the highest beneficial microbial count of ANY other product on the market, PERIOD!


Whats Growing on Scotty-

LA cannabis cup

Denver cannabis cup

Indo expo

watching cannabis docs. The history is interesting



Learning all about ways to beat pm Thanks DR J! new chlorine gas product

New dry trimmer?

Had a great conversation with van ripster and Dudefella and trying to figure out where to fit them in? Do we just released the separately?

Whats growing on Dude-


Mid Show Sponsor Shout Out: -Way To Grow

Recharge It up-

Dude and Scotty,

Your guys Fuckin Rock! I truly appreciate that I can tune in a few times a week and quench my thirst for knowledge on the beautiful gift of Cannabis that we have been givin here on this planet. I started listening to your show about #150 and stay current as well as now going back to listen to the rest of the programs as well. I love that I can gain knowledge and entertainment all at the same venue, I look forward to listening all week. I enjoy it so much that I became a member a couple of months ago after listening to a few programs and realized ” These guys have their Fuckin Shit together!”. I have been using cannabis for well over 25 years and grew under a couple of guys for a couple years when I was younger and trying to learn. Now I have ventured on my own and just took down my first SOLO grow after years of dreaming about about it. I had the opportunity to go quality this round as well as it being less sketch to get supplies and equipment now here in Washington. I am in a 10x15x8 Sealed room, 32k mini split, De Humidifier, Titan 4 burner, Atlas 6 enviro control, 8 in Hyper w/ Phresh Carbon and Silencer. I am Running 4 of the Sunlight AC/DE with the Ushio plus DE that are cooled by a 10 in Hyper and Phresh Carbon that pulls from my veg room above my flower room and the routes from the lights back into the veg room on the other side of the upper room. The upper room is is cooled by a Haier 13k Portable that vents out a wall that scubbed by a 4 inch carbon that exhausts into a shop. The Veg room is powered by 5 Quantum HO 8 Bulb with 2 power veg and 6 Pure Par by Agromax. I run 1 and 3 gal nursery pots in veg and then goto 10 gal Awesome Pots for Flower. I run the entire line of Nectar For The Gods plus some of the Harvest Moon products Calcium Syrup and Big Foot. i also use the NPK Raw products, B52, SLF100, Teas, Aptus Fasciltor, Super thrive, Epsom salt, Budswell, Liquid Greatness from Manna, Sea Crop, Extreme Myco Products, RECHARGE fo shizzel!!!! I just ran out. I just took down the Old School ” Purple Haze” and Fuck o Fuck Oh Yeah if those bitches ain’t covered in Trichromes and smells like heaven and tastes like beautiful Aphrodite herself! I do alot of foliar, all kinds of different recipes for feed, pest and just out of love for these ladies. I just purchased the 17 0z. Transport and the 5lb. of Recharge from Real growers as well. I am curious about the RX Axiom as a foliar though. I would like to pimp the Grow out a little and I hear you guys saying you hook up new members with a little welcome kit and thought some DGC gear would look good on the walls. I not trying to be a moooch or anything but I would like to rep you guys and I also tell everyone interested about you guys from fellow growers to all of the grow supplies around. I try and Pimp the Recharge hard for you guys as well, that shit is Awesome!

I do have a question about the Recharge, Scott from Nectar says that using Molasses that has not been brewed can not be utilized efficiently by rhizosphere. Being that the Molasses in Recharge has been micronized, does that change the molecular chain of sugar so it can be utilzed quicker and not drown out the Microbial field? If not is there a way to recharge in a version without the Molasses? The reason I ask is, Scott from Nectar says the Molasses Sugar chain is too large for the plants to consume without being broken down in a brewed tea for the microbes to break down.

Second question, I just bought a Propane fogger that works pretty good as you can deliver a dry fog from it. But am curious if the heat would effect the composition of treatments like Green Cleaner, Nukem, Ultimate wash and such. I do plan on getting the Hudson Atomizer to use for nutrition sprays as well but they are fairly expensive but soon as I feel that the foliar program is extremely under rated as a continuous practice in the Cnnabis world. From my understanding the plants can take more nutrition through the leaves than the rhizo sphere. Please enlighten me so I can expand my knowledge bank and become the best Gardener I can be.I am actually very excited about applying every thing I have learned in the last year to our vege garden this year as we are expanding to 60 x 150 space and are goona really get our Grow on! Thanks again for your valuable time gentlemen.

I really appreciate you guys and what you do for us out here in the cannabis world. Take care and ” Grow get some ” Bro’s!


Puff Puff Pass and leave the Bad Shit in the Past!

What kind of weed you Smoking ––

Whats Scotty Smoking- swayno

Whats Dude Smoking-

Weekly Hook Up’s/ Shout Outs-

DrJ 303 1 day ago

use a uv light installed in your ac for PM

Ivw also used blue crystals for lst 9 months

-Most Liked Meme gets (2500 nugs)-



-Capn Corner



Whats going on in our grows Dude–

Damn connection with Temp sensor

What you think of cold water

about to bamboo

What going on in our grows Scotty–

sealing small cracks in my room and ducting


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    aw man i like to download the podcast on wifi and take it to work my service sucks ass so streaming is sketchy and not much of a option. did you guys remove previous episodes from podcast players like 1-86 i had them all and had to format my sd card and they arent listed anymore there is some very good info on those ones i would like to get ahold of them again if possible anyways thanks for the shows ive turned a few people onto them and its just a wealth of knowledge on the go who said you cant go to school and work at the same time

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    Topless trimmers…I support this venture!

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