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Heard y’all talking on the last episode of grow talk about the yield off of a 315, and Scotty mentioned that he’d bet you could pull 1lb off a 400 watt. Well, I’d be the person to tell you that it’s entirely possible and not too hard to do! If I fill my plant count to capacity (6 plants flowering) under a 400 watt in a 4×4 I’d almost bet I could pull over a pound without much hassle. In fact, I have pulled half a pound under my 400 with only three plants vegged at 45 days, just imagine what could be done with 6 plants and a full 60 day veg! Those numbers were pulled in 2/3rds blend of FF ocean and happy frog with just peat-moss, perlite, rock dust, and 1/3rd of the soil is earthworm castings. Just thought I would add my two cents on saving money and pulling weight!

The girls pictured below are at 80 days veg and are in that same soil, vegged under the same 400w ballast, so you can really see the power of the 400!


Now that I have re-charge and a 600 watt to flower, we will see what I can do!