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I wanted to share what I call a successful grow story. I listened to the dude grows show everyday for almost a year learning as much as I could before I started growing. I have a 2*2*4 grow tent, hlg 100 v2 LED light, I started composting and made a worm bin and used recharge of course. I had 3 plants in 2 gallon pots. I know the soil is the battery but I had 3 bag seeds and wanted to get my environment right before I used my good seeds lol. I also wanted the challenge. I top dressed compost and worm castings and some bone meal, and watered weekly with recharge. I was in veg for 1 month before I flipped to flower and after my cure I ended up with 153 grams!!! I really don’t know if that is a lot. It feels like a lot for my small 2*2 and this is the most Cannabis I’ve ever seen in my life lmao! Thanks dgc for all the knowledge, this grow was extremely simple. I put some quality work into making great castings and compost and in return my grow was on autopilot the whole way. Thanks again dgc you guys are amazing and thanks to the show helping me grow some great Cannabis, because to my wife it’s the best stuff she has ever smoked and living in prohibition land she didn’t want me to grow, but now she doesn’t want me to stop!!!! Now that is an amazing feeling!!!!