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Hey DGC! What is growing on! New member here. Been doing my research on growing cannabis organically for about a year before my lovely GF helped me buy my grow supplies. Forever thankful for her!! So glad that I have been able to find a podcast like yours. I work early morning shifts as a pre-loader at UPS so listening to this podcast is perfect to learn and makes the shift go by quick. Been going through a lot of things, recently was putting my beloved dog down, Kelly, my beautiful German Shepherd. Had to drive all the way down to Mexico just cause the vets here are so damn expensive. Coughed up 2 grand in less than a hour!

Anyways, growing cannabis has been helping me so much recently, I go to work and have something to look forward to when I get back home. Just simply smoking and looking at my plants is SUCH a thereputic experience for me. Almost like the plants and I have a relationship. Never though I would experience something like this when it comes to plants tbh.

Enough of me getting me into my feels. I got 4 phenos in the making. All Gas Nana, a cross of banana runtz x Gary Payton, by Solfire Gardens. Ive also added a pot of tomatoes cause fuck it why not!?! Im growing inside a RV that I have outside in a AC Infinity 2×4 tent. Two of the phenos are in 5 gal fabric pots and the other two in 3 gal fabric pots. Light I am using is a Pro Grow 320 by Grow Light Science. Fan is on a side flap. The bottom fan exchanges air out while the top one blows fresh air in. Being grown by a little bit of everything. Cant remember the exact recipe which is why I started taking precise notes. Plants are being grown in Promix HP, EWC, some extra perlite, fish shit, recharge, mykos, great white. Amendments are in one of the pictures. Not worried about what I added in the recipe cause it was pretty light so I plan on top dressing with 394 flower girl by Dr Earth every two weeks or so. I plan on flipping these by the end of the month. Tomato pot will be taken out to have enough space for the grow. Currently only doing LST on 2 phenos. Also I take the driver out during the day and place inside at night to regulate temps.

So here are my questions!:

1) I live in San Jose and its getting pretty hot in the RV, is there any hacks that anybody knows how to keep the tent cool, I’ve been thinking of just buying a A/C from Costco and using the RV as a lung room when I get my AC Infinity inline fan. I run the lights on at night but that doesn’t change the fact its hotter than Satans asshole in the grow tent during the day without the light on. Dont mind buying the A/C but rather make something thats effective without having to cough up the $300 bucks.

2) Are there any tips that you guys recommend for this organic grow? This is my first run ever, but feel kind of confident with all the research Ive done. Just looking for extra advice, after all I want that top notch fire… I mean look at the username. Mainly focusing on getting a harvest thats both good in yield and terps. My goal is getting close to a pound of dry weight.

Also to add, I do a LABs foliar spray, along with bokashi juice and Pure Crop 1 as IPM. All hail to recharge and will keep you guys updated on this grow for sure. Thank you guys and make sure to take some fat bong rips!