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Hey guys. A little on my setup I have 4×4 with xl 750 kind led for veg and 1000w HID to assist the led during flower. Need help on when to start using cal mag? My seeds just germinated and I put them in there final spot with seeds in root root cubes in a 3 gallon pots. I’ve watered the first time couple of times with straight RO water with pH of 5.8-6.1. I feel like I should be adding a very small amount of cal mag because I’m growing in coco mixed with perlite. My RO WATER sits at 15 ppm I added a little under 1 ML of cal-mag which brought to 63 ppm and when I pH correct the solution to 6.1 I was at 99 ppm. Is this safe? Note* only one has broken thought the soil so far.