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Whats up everybody just thought i would share the very first buds out of my new room running double ended 630 watt CMH lights. If any one out there has ever wondered about these lights all i can say is “cha ching”.

To explain what you are seeing is my belovedย  45 day master kush at day 44 still growing. The pic with the harvested buds was day 56. I threw the beer in there just for the dude. The harvested buds you see is about 25% of my tops. I was taking off the more finished buds and decided i would share with the crew. About 10 more days and my Kosher Kush and Green Crack will be coming down out of that same room so stay tuned.

I will post a yield report on this room compared to my Hps room. Both are set up the same with the only difference being the lights, but for those who have been wondering, CMH is damn impressive!

Cheers yall from High st. Farms