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Cannalope Kush (1 pheno on either side) and Purple Kushwreck (middle) Blurple led budget grow, 6 weeks into flower, 1st time grower. Cannalope kush flipped at 11 weeks from seed, purple k was popped late and flipped at 7 weeks from seed. All Topped once, Lst throughout veg.

FF Ocean Forest Soil, Mammoth P, Voodoo Juice, FishSh!t, Organic Unsulphured molasses,  Advanced Nutrients 3 part Micro, Grow, and Bloom. R/O water ph’d at 6.0.

Mars Hydro Eco 600w

2×4 Vivosun Tent

Cheap fans for intake and exhaust, 2 more for air circulation,  temps stay between 72°-74°(lights off) 75°-80°(lights on). Rh 45-50%. No carbon filter…… yet lol.