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First off, I’m more then grateful that I’ve discovered this awesome community and resource while navigating through my first grow. The podcast has been my go-to while driving, killing time at work and hanging at home. Thanks to Scotty, the dude, banner and guru for the knowledge and laughs.

Looking for some advice on what could possibly be going on with my girl. Unknown strain, bag seed I found that I decided to see if I could make it work.  I’m using a 2×4 tent, 200w ac infinity light at 90%, daytime temp between 72-75, night 68-70, VPD .89-1.25, humidity 55-60%.

Transplanted two weeks prior to flip into a 8 gallon self pruning pot, Stonington blend soil amended with 4tbsp (half strength) of Gaia green power bloom. Been using a combo of straight pH adjusted (6.5-6.8) spring water and Recharge every other watering.  I’m on day 24 of flowering and so far, it’s been going pretty well, trimmed lower area up at day 21 and just monitoring at this point for any deficiencies etc…

Only thing I really am concerned about right now is the purple stem on the fan leaves and bending those two stretched stems over. Could it be genetics or a Nute deficiency/lock out situation? I’m leaning towards Nute deficiency as the soil apparently is good for around 40days without Nutes and I’ve only used 1/2 strength Gaia. Before I go and dump the other 1/2 of Gaia on, I wanted to get some feedback.

Thanks DGC!!