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What’s growin on fellas, shout out from prohibition land, so the craziest shit happened today. Hah so i attempted to germinate a Blue Dream Auto in one of these 5 gal fabric pots and after 2 weeks I don’t see any growth what so ever so I pretty much get impatient and give up on it. So do a fresh mixture of soil and earthworm castings on the top of the pot and throw in a Strawberry CheeseCake Auto and after 3 days the seed pops through the soil and things are looking great. Get home from work smoke a fat one with the wife and off I go check in on my girls and Holy sheep shit man that damn Blue Dream Auto decides to come to life. At first I was thinking I had to kill it and grow the 1. But after some thought I started thinking but what if I grow just 2 main colas. What do you guys think? Dangerous Territory?
Keep on cheif’n ✌🏻