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I am sure people have posted this before but I just wanted to show how I made a little towel humidifier in a couple minutes with just materials on hand.  If you are a grower most likely you have a 2 gallon bucket and some plant wire.  That is really all you need other than a drill or something to make a hole in the plastic and a towel and fan of course.  Like I said as a grower you should already have this stuff.

Materials: dollar tree mop bucket, plant wire, towel and a fan.

Just take the drill and make a hole on the front and back of the bucket just a little hole to secure your wire.  Secure the wire in one hole then stand the handle in the middle, wrap the wire around the handle a couple times then secure it to the other hole(this will hold the handle securely in place and there is no need for other materials, whole reason I posted this “hack”.)  Fill with water and hang towel over the handle and place your fan behind it.  Easy peasy.

Works great in my 4×8 that said I rarely if ever need to add humidity I am usually removing it.  I just had some seedlings that need some and this has done great to get it up to where I want it.