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The above clip peaked my interest. While I do agree with the ‘competing root zones’ and ‘1 will definitely get shaded’ responses but I though to myself…. what if they were auto-flowers and two instead of four.

See, the auto-flowers I have grown all have small root zones, they only live for 100-130 days tops. So a 20 gallon gives these two autos I grow out in 3 gals normally 10 gallons of space to stretch and rhizosphere to have but they should be limited enough genetically that unless I placed them hella close I think I should be good. Everything I read is kinda shooting me towards this being far more beneficial then not, I am going to try this I think.

I have two Pluto Cut autos from Ethos on day 18. I have 707, NOTG #4 as a base. I ordered Build A Soil Colorado Vermi-worm Castings I saw on his channel that peaked my interest as well as some barley hey and 6 Clover Cover Crop. Also have some local sourced alfalfa meal and a few others that you, the DGC has made me excited to fuck around with.

I’ll have them under my 330 Watt ChilLed Tech X3 with the supplemental blues and UV. Temps always 78-84 days 68-72 nights (Changed a lot of shit around and dialed in that VPD Tbh) CO2 at 1300-1500. That’s both flower tents.

I feed my soil autos NOTG strictly. I use the Roman line and have had great success and since I’m only feeding 2-3 plants it lasts for fucking ever! Only added thing is Recharge every other watering!

What do you think DGC? Will 2 autos in a 20 gallon of stellar organic DGC inspired amazingness work or will a group of autos duke it out for space like two male praying mantis when they the only bugs left?

Included pics of the autos in question and the hydrometers for the grows, so you know I’m not bullshitting lmfao!

*I love the fact that the DGC has me exited to grow with soil and organics! I do get more from my hydro, hands down, but I get BETTER from my soil. Period. Y’all got me excited about worm shit CAUSE OF THE LIVE WORMS and fucking CLOVER!!!!!!! My wife thinks I’m nuts.

Thanks DGC, Keep growing,