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Yo DGC, I hadn’t finished my tent grow and I was planning on using it to dry in. I can’t smell the house up so this was the best and cheapest way to go about it. I bought two 1/2 inch Styrofoam insulation board (9$ each) and two rolls of foil tape (3.50$ each) I got Fancy with it and had a old piece of plexiglass laying around and put a window in it so I did not have to untape the door every time I needed to check my hygrometer I took metal coat hangers and straightened them out and poked them through the styrofoam to have hanging rods I have an intake at the top with a dust guard and an exhaust at the bottom that it was hooked to the intake of my grow tent and then is exhausted out the other side through a carbon filter I had to deal with a little bit higher temps in the grow tent for a few days till harvest so I didn’t dry my butt out too fast I wet trim but I also hang on the whole stem my temp stays around 72° f and about 62 to 71% relative humidity everything seems to be working fantastic and I just pulled my first batch out and refilled it today can’t wait to get it cured but right now I am stoned to the Bone and it doesn’t taste like hay so I think it’s a win either way figured I’d share some Stoner ingenuity with you at its finest! Much love from Florida!