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Shout out to Dude, Scotty, Guru, Banner, High-C, Rolling Stoner, Mystro, Soup, and the rest of the DGC!

This community is the best! Growers helping growers is so cool. It used to be so closed and proprietary, but with the battle against prohibition being waged successfully in many places, the freedom that we are feeling to share our knowledge about this type of gardening is spreading. We’ve come a long way from mailing a Polaroid to High Times without a return address or real name attached.

Enough preaching to the choir.

I wanted to spread the word that the longest running Cannabis Cup in the America is scheduled for October 7 – October 10 (Indigenous Peoples/Columbus Day) at the 25th Annual 2022 New York Harvest Festival in Afton, NY (Upstate, about a half hour from Binghamton/an hour for me) They have posts on F.Book and Instagram with more info. I got a weekend ticket that includes camping for myself, as a b-day(Oct 14) gift, and a Sunday general admission ticket for Sunday, for my wife. She likes the idea of going for a day but thinks trying to do 4 days may be a it much for her. I told her it works because someone has to tend to the plants and animals…

I am hoping to represent the DGC with an entry in the Cup. I am currently curing some White Widow, some Blueberry, and some Colin OG RBX that seem to have “the Goods”. I’ll have to be patient and see how they “terp” out. I’m 3 weeks into flower on a C99 x Blueberry Fast and a Morning Dew that will be ready. I like options. I would love to hook up with some DGC at this event if anyone else is going.

For more info, go to;