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What’s up DGC! Happy New Year guys, wishing you all dankness and happiness for ’22.

I finished up my first Mondo run of 6 autos and a Photo with the Mondo90/Grow Dots and the reports are pretty good. The plants that got the 60gr per 3 gal pot did the best. Truly there is no need to add anything to the mix because it will imbalance the feed. I was adding Epsom salts at a 1gr per gal of water and it locked out Cal as it showed up on the leaves of 2 plants. I simply cut it out and the girls finished fine.

The Hellbender ended up being the best of the bunch.

My Bubba Island Kush went four months so I ended up adding Jacks for the last two weeks before flushing her out. She grew under a Chinese blurple in my 20 x 36 x 60 tent. She was a breeze with the Grow Dots since it was just water for her until the last month really when I felt like like she needed a boost. She ended up being one of my dankest and hardest buds that I’ve grown. I used 60 grams in a 5 gal pot with FFOF AND FFHF with 25% more perlite added and Recharge once a week.

I typically mix the Recharge and them ph my water to 6.3- 6.5. Pics below are of the new girls in separate tents of photo plants just flipped this week at 4 weeks above soil. They were transplanted at 5 days from solo cups to their permanent fabric pots.

3 under a HLG 260v2 in a 2×4 tent

2 are under a Chinese Blurple which doesn’t do a bad job of making some really hard dank nugz for me so far as a mentioned about the Kush and a Vader OG, Big Bud and Strawberry Cough I did before that.

Last pic is the autos in my makeshift “tent” in my garage. I have a small heater to keep the garage at no worse than 62 a dehumidifier and a humidifier setup to try to hold the humidity at 50%.

With the garage as my “LUNG ROOM” the tent stays in the mid to hi 70’s temp wise and humidity will hold mostly unless is raining.

It’s made of 1 1/2 styrofoam board from Home Depot taped together with a styrofoam floor and 3/8″s siding insulation acting as a door. Two sheets of foam was enough for this settup and I added the canvas drop as a curtain to the front with some plastic bags to keep things dark. There’s a bathroom fan on top to pull air in and plenty of fans mounted to keep air moving inside.

She’s about 2 1/2′ x 5′ and 6’0 high with my other 260v2 HLG hung from a 1″ Cooper pipe that spans the thing.

In that tent are the autos, 2 clones, and 4, 4yr old poinsettias that I’ve kept going and are filling in again. I was late to prune them and late to get them to flip to red leaves. I’ll get em next year. But they still add some nice color to the tent and let’s me utilize every watt of light I’ve got going on there.

That’s a growhack ain’t it??