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1st and foremost I apologize if my last post was not informative enough. I am using cc40 promix with fox farm nutes with pH down and spring water my pH is usually 5.8 6.0 mainly I shoot for 5.8. I used cal mag for veg and stopped 1.5 weeks into flower the problem was present then but 1 or 2 leaves out of 20. Temps are 70 to 77 humidity is consistently 40. This is the only plant having these issues the other 3 plants which are Big City Lights strain are thriving nice nugs 3 weeks into flower mind you the plant with the issues went into flower as my best plant, and looks as if its 1 week into flower, also its double the size as the other three maybe not double but genuinely larger. I used neem oil to spray leaves at 1.5 week mark and it didn’t improve I then at 2 week used great white beneficial bacteria and I noticed it started to pray more but still spots on leaves but slowed the spotting for 3 days ish. i gave her a feeding with big bloom and tiger bloom which is the most recent feeding was at 800 ppm down from 1000 due to the fact i caught the runoff and it was around 1400 ppm with a ph of 6.7. I cant explain why pH is high in runoff ive always pH’d my water. Before I fed her again I tried using some pH’d spring water 5.6 and ran around 2.5 gallons through the soil and caught runoff from that at end it was down to 6.1 in the pictures you will see edges curled under and inter-vein yellowing with tips that seem to be nitrogen tox’d but i do not believe that’s it because majority of plant doesn’t have tips curled or i’ve struggled with nitrogen tox i’m a newbie but ive learned to know when to hold off or at least I thought. If i have left anything out I will answer any questions i would absolutely love to know why my edges curl under i have similar issue in my veg room no spots but edge curling under thank you for any time you have spared to help me.