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What’s up DGC !! I’ve been loving the show so much I always forget to post , find it hilarious listening to dude complain that he can’t get his peppers popping but he’s busting out dank with ease hahahaha

Here I have 4 different kinds of peppers (starting top left going clockwise – Mini bells , Thai Chilli Hybrids , Cayennes , jalapeños) I planted these in HP promix with some worm castings & kelp for some easy nutrients. 12gal fab pot my girlfriend found at Dollorama! Just for funnsies I plopped a bag seed from some sour D in there & now it’s busting out

Also have some revegging Killer Cheese Dawg clones going in there with the notorious cat piss spelling pink lemonade but who cares peppers are wayyy cooler.

hahaha just wanted to share love the show guys & gals keep up the solid work DGC fam