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DUDES!!!  Thank you for all the knowledge!  Fairly new grower, just under 1 yr on my 4th round.  I started with LED lights but a buddy of mine helped me step up my game.

I’m using a B.Lite 630 watt CMH fixture, holds two 315 watt CMH bulbs.  I’m using one bulb in a 4×4 tent.  It’s KILLIN IT with three FastBuds Lemon Pie autos, which the tallest is now almost 4ft high.  Heat is manageable but peaks just over 85° when lights kick on, then tapers off and i can keep it around 83ish.

I want to use both bulbs to cover the whole area, but is 630w CMH too much for a 4×4??  The single bulb at 315w is solid in the center 3×3 but i can tell it’s weak around the walls.  Before i burn my plants trying, can you guys help a rookie out??  Thank you!