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Word up DGC, Dude, Scotty and the all knowing Guru.  I’ve been saying I am going to show the grow to y’all for a bit and I reckon the time has come.  The recent russet mite issue allowed me to show you the space after it was cleaned and reconstructed.  I’m missing a few pieces in these shots as I was rebuilding and taking pics.  Sorry for anything “not pictured” but you will get the idea.  Keep in mind I used cheaper tents and inline fans to complete this grow.  There is no humidity devices, co2 equipment or pulse monitor.  I also don’t have to worry about smell so filters were not used.  If this was with gorilla grow tents,  good fans with filters and other environmental devices/monitors, it would easily cost over $5k.  I am not going to fill the post with tons of light specs as it is long already.


In the first pic you will see a shelf to the left with dual heat mats (now lined with panda paper).  That shelf is for clone dome and/or babies.  In a pinch it can also hold up to four 3 gal bags with a shorter plants.  Below that shelf is a space for mama and/or donor plants. Both spaces are lit by home built, two bar, T5, led replacement bulbs that are fastened to angle iron pieces.  I can add indirect flood lamps to each zone to gain heat

To the right of the pic is a 2×4 veg tent with a 4” can exhaust. It is lit by a home built, four bulb, T5, led replacement, flexible light.  Two 6” fans moving air above and one 6”fan (not pictured) blowing at soil level.  Indirect flood lamp generates extra heat when needed.

Hanging above the veg tent is where I store the 2×2 tent that is used to flower males and collect pollen in another room (yes it is thoroughly cleaned before being stored).


The next pics will show the cold air box and exhaust manifold I built using the two corner windows to the right of the veg tent.

I built the cold air box to hopefully avoid having to fill an entire room when cooling is needed.  It is mounted over a window ac (I will watch for moisture) and can be blocked off if need be.  The box can be ducted to either or both of the tents to provide cooling for growth cycles and drying.  The ends of the ducts going in the box are covered with wire mesh and then one of those little pantyhose sock things (not pictured).  Not the best filtration but I’m trying to get everything up on a budget here.  I can upgrade things later if I need to.

The manifold is simply exhaust for the flower tent and room exhaust.  The veg tent is vented out it’s own window hole.  My design is flawed and all three should have had separate exhaust holes.  Having both of the 6” fans in one manifold does create a flow problem.  To keep air flow heading out of the room I need to run both fans together or block one off when not in use.  This isn’t the end of the world but I am like Scotty and I love my automation.  I wanted use the materials I had on hand for a window mount and that limited me on the height of the window mount.  I determined that putting three side by side holes in my shorter window mount would drastically reduce the cubic footage of my cold air box. So I chose to put the 6” ducts together and stack the exhaust holes.  Optimal?  No!  Functional?  Yes!  New window mount in my future?  Possibly!


She’s a 4×8.  It is primarily lit by three Viparspectra p1000 full spectrum lights.  Supplemental lighting is added with four home built, three socket light bars and two single hanging sockets.  They allow me to change spectrums throughout the cycle.  The bulbs are not as intense or hot as the viparspectras and I run them much closer to the canopy.  I left holes at the sockets to hang counter weights on either side of the bars if needed, but so far they haven’t been necessary as the lights hang at a perfect inward angle.  6500 kelvin scale blue bulbs are pictured here.  During flower I switch them to 2700k.  I estimate an output equivalent to 900w-1000w of HID lighting but I’m no scientist. What the fuck do I know?

There is a 6” can exhaust fan and a 4” can intake fan that is hooked to a thermostat type deal (neither pictured).  It can pull from the room or the cold air box depending on what is needed.  A 10” fan circulates air above the lights.  One to two 12” oscillating fans cover the canopy while a single 12” fan (not pictured) blows over soil level.

During flowering cycles.  I cover the big tent in black out drapes that are simply bag clipped at the top seem of the tent.  I purchased them on amazon for about $50 and they work perfectly.

So it is possible to build a perpetual grow on less than a $3k budget if you bargain shop and build some stuff yourself.  For example, the eight t5 led replacement bulbs were purchased together on amazon for about $45. Yes they are cheap but my plants love them.  In hindsight I wish I had known about gorilla grows before I started the build.  I would have at least opted to buy one for the flower tent.  Also I would not buy these cheap can fans again as they are very noisy.  The inline fans  will likely be the first upgrade in the future.  Hope you enjoyed the tour DGC!  Keep it growing on!!!