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Hey DGC crew long time listener love the show and never miss an episode. So this is my 3rd grow under the vipaspectra pro led and using Green Planet nutrients in 20L fabric pots making my own coco vermiculite and clay ball mix using run to waste.

I only have a small space I’m growing in 1200mm L × 600mm W × 1500mm h so I have to use scroging and a fair bit of training really didn’t expect the sweet zombie to triple in size once I switched to flower and run out of room and had some foxtailing and minimal bleaching but it never affected the trichome production.

The smells that were coming from my tiny tent every morning were amazing to say the least the og kush with it’s sweet earthy and slight citrus smell then the sweet zombie had a distinct smell of puppy breath and burnt rubber band  kinda fuely funk witch took me back to my teenage years and my early smoking years.

They both ran out to 11 weeks flowering before 48hrs of darkness and a 9 day dry and jar curing now. It is not only the most potent and frosty weed I’ve ever seen let alone smoked coming from Australia, we have not been spoiled for choice like you guys over the pond but they were beautiful looking plants. I really wish I had room to have kept cuttings from these plants but limited space and prohibition makes that not possible so I have to just cherish my amazing smoke for as long as possible peace from Australia and keep growing that dank.