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Hey dude, scotty, and guru been watching for bout a month now and became a patron a week ago. Love the content and am thankful you guys do what you do. I’m a new grower in good ole rocky top were prohibition is going strong. I’m on my second grow 4th plant now only autos so far. this Go Co by fast buds has me a little stumped 8 days from germ and i haven’t seen it before its kinda slow and yellow. Plz anyway you guys could help a brother out. I gave her a 16 oz watering with .62 grams of recharge two days ago supposed to be double strength thought id do a double for the first and B4 i planted i ran a gal of ro water mixed with a cup of 3% peroxide thru the soul due to it being outside a week or two open. Also is my light to high I just upgraded and thought it should be higher.

3×3 ac infinity tent(the mount and controller sold me too Guru.

4in inline out carbon filter

4in inline in carbon filter

Temps from 74-80 all day

Humidity from 50-60% all day

CALIFORNIA light works 250 solarextreme

18-6 lights schedule

TNB Co² bottle.