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What is up DGC, just wanted to show some failure to success photos.

My first run was some autos from ilgm. Those seeds were trash. The ones that did germinate were so different in genotypes. I also grew organic amendments in small pots, that was a failure of nutrients.

Second run was a 22 plant pheno hunt with 4 different strains. I made waaaaay too many branches and had to remove so many tops in mid flower. Not to mention the pH pen braking, major nutrient issues, let’s just say, lots of stuff was learnt on my second grow.

This 3rd run, is a chefs kiss, mwahh.

16 plants. Of mono culture Ape Daddy. Straight grapey bubblegum genotype, result of the hunt.

Just 2 weeks of veg here.

Canna coco nutes, half strength, plus boost and cannazym. Each drinking half a litre a day. In 10 litre fabric pots, drain to waste, very minimal waste.

This run I kept the tops to a Max of 7 per plant, but kept the leaves on the stalk, just taking out the branch. I think I’m on to something here. Limiting the amount of tops per 4×4, cultivar dependent of coarse is the way to go.

I’m in week 2, so I have 6 to weeks to go, needless to say I’m stoked.

Love the show, love the vibes, stay golden fellas.