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Hey DGC crew and lighting gurus. I’m making the jump from HPS to LED in flower and have an $800 budget. The space is 3x3x8 and my air cooled HPS only adds 5 degrees to my temps, so a cool running light would be ideal. A true wattage of less than 400w is desired. Also has to be equipped with a dimmer.

It doesn’t matter if it is one light, two lights or even the addition of supplemental lighting like UVb or such. But with the higher dollar amount, I’d love it if you can tell me why you recommend it and feel it is better than my original plan of 2- SF 1000 units with supplemental UV. It’s half the cost of what I’m willing to spend. What is it about the light you are recommending that justifies the price?

Thank you to all in advance that respond. I’ve learned much about LED from you all.