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Although this is technically my 4th grow I feel like it’s my first! I’ve upgraded so much this time and I’ve learned so much from my previous grows and from the DGC crew. Now it feels as though all my hard work will finally pay off. I started with 6 plants 3 Northern Lights and 3 THC Bombs from MSNL seed bank and 2 of the Northern Lights turned out to be males 😒 oh well I’ve got 4 beautiful girls and I cant wait for the buds to come in. Anyway here’s some pictures of my second week in flower. Growing in straight coco with a 2 inch layer of clay pebbles at the bottom of my smartpots that sit in an autopot system. My light source is a fluence spydrx plus and it’s all in a 4×4 gorilla grow tent (light line). My co2 is a 360 exhale bag.