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New grower here, about to finish up my first successful indoor grow. I had about 4 failed grows prior to this
I ran two autoflowers and one bag seed in a 32x32x63″ tent under a true 250 watt LED full spectrum light, Roleadro 600 second gen.
I grew the plants in 5 gallon pots for the autos and one gallon for bagseed.
Next grow I am doing photoperiod, 4 different strains, in 3 gallon pots.
The reason I’m doing 4 strains is I’m growing for friends and family and I live in a less than ideal area.

I also plan on following nugbuckets manifold technique, I’ve tested it out on the bag seed and have not flowered it yet but it has turned out well.

Is it ridiculous to think I can fit 32 colas from 4 plants in that size tent, I’m sure my light is a little undersized but I don’t plan on upgrading until I’ve more than broke even on buying everything.

I am going to be using Nectar for the gods.