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So I was bored this Sunday and had come across some really good smoke (Fuel Cake) not positive on the actual strain or cross, got it from the free market. Which got me thinking about hempy buckets. So my girlfriend (known as MuneHemp in DGC) and I ended up at our local Lowe’s (home and gardening store) Forty bucks later we’re enjoying crafting our favorite DYI project yet so far.  I then figured why not share it among fellow growers. I’ve been listening to Scotty and Dude for a few months at work, during the day. It can really inspire one to try anything to help our flowers grow. I would like some insight on what you all think of my version of the hempy bucket. Being as in the near future I plan on daisy chaining four hempy buckets in a 4×4. Any advice or opinions will help on this upcoming innovation. Also, Has anyone else ever done something like this? Please comment or give any helpful thoughts.

                            Hole on the  four way at the bottom of the hempy bucket to help air get in to the bucket / can also water threw to the bottom reservoir / plug and feed                                                                                                                                           through the upper pipes throughout soil.  

Water reservoir with air pipes to breathe and a watering pipe to refill the reservoir when needing to bottom feed/ also has a weep hole above the rocks below pipe                                                                                                                                                level to flush old water.

Using Royal Gold Basement mix, Dr. Earth’s dry amendments, Recharge ; Any recommendations would be helpful.