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What’s up DGC!? Here in Michigan we went into stay at home order mid March so as a non essential employee I found myself with extra time. You can only check on your grow so many times a day so I needed a project and I’ve always wanted a greenhouse! I started watching videos on YouTube, and nothing was exactly what I was looking for so I just started tinkering… I started with assembling 2 x 12’s Into a square on the ground and then drove in rebar on either side of the boards to hold in place. I then used 1 inch PVC to create the structure, this took some playing with because if you add to much tension on the connection pieces they snap (I probably snapped a dozen 😂).After the ribs are assembled I built end frames out of 2X2’s built a simple door and even added a stained glass window for style points. I’ve been able to regulate temperature and humidity by opening and closing the door as needed. Last step is to cover the structure in greenhouse plastic and pull it tight to the bottom 2×12 structure. All in this project took me about 20 hrs (with lots of smoke breaks over a couple of days) and about $400. Fun project with almost no previous experience necessary. ✌️ I covered most of the build on instagram @ez2garden