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Hello Dude, Scotty, Guru and fellow DGC folks,

I thought I’d share with you that I’ve been watching your YouTube uploads for a while and I’m pretty much caught up with the episodes now. So sifting through takes a bit and hell, sometimes I’ll listen to the same video twice just to absorb it all because I’m typically quite baked at that point. I’m loving the show thanks for the memories eh!

I live up in Edmonton and have been on a 4 year hiatus from growing due to the fact I moved from Toronto to Edmonton and once here, exploring and hiking and mountain biking like crazy. You guys would love it in Alberta, I know The Dude knows about the Rockies on the other side of mountains from Vancouver being in Calgary before.

I am sharing several images of my 4 by 4 tent grow. 41 days from germinated seeds and this is how they look. I have

2 × California orange by expert seeds

1 × og kush auto fem by seedsman seeds (freebie and first auto I’ve ever grown.)

1 × white widow by crop king seeds

1× Bruce banner unknown genetics gift seed from friend and grower.

I need recharge, so next grow I’ll definitely be buying some. I am happy with my progress so far, I have honestly done almost no defoliating with heavy LST and leaf tucking like crazy to get them to really pop.

I used roughly for each transplant

1/3 pro mix hp

1/3 worm casting

1/3 ocean forest

I give them liquid karma and calmag plus every other feeding with monthly dressing of Gaia green super fly and bone meal. I have done mixes with both in soil as well and weekly foliar spray using super fly and calmag plus and liquid karma, I have grown several runs now of just closet grows but I’ve never seen my plants go this crazy before.

I know that using this philips 315 master color CDM-TP MW bulb for veg is doing wonders in the 4k spectrum and I am switching over tomorrow to 12-12 just for room to grow and stretch they are already beasts at 41 days from seed. I have my 315 W/T12 master greenpower full spectrum 3k philips ready for flowering.

On 18-6 right now for light cycle switching over at day 42 from seed and 30 days from seedling stage. I am hoping for a massive yield and these plants definitely need a hairdresser very soon, but just seeing what they do on their own with little to no stress.

I will keep updated as they go further into flower and as auto is near done too I will keep updated, soon she will be on straight water no nutes at all, just flush out this beastly auto og kush.

Peace to all, happy growing with bountiful yields and quality flower.

Thanks for reading guys

Yours truly high,

Trichome soldier

Rick klassen on you tube

Canadasbackyard on instagram