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2nd grow with this strain. Chopped at 10 weeks this go around. 1st grow I took it to 13 weeks and it was pure couch lock, so I figure I’d take this round a little shorter time. This 4×4 grow was powered by an HLG 600 rspec and these autos loved the light. The first 8 weeks were under 18-6 and weeks 8-10 were 12 -12 because I had 4 photo period plants in there that I wanted to flip to flower. Cracked the seeds and they went straight into 3 gallons of Happy Frog soil and feed with their 3 bottle feed regimen and some cal/mag. My secret weapon is my water. I get it from a spring at a Cemetery in my area. I always tell people when you smoke my bud and think you hear voices that maybe you are. Needless to say I am even more enamored with autos and look to explore them more in future grows, but first I have to finish off some Swideswipped girls that are 2 weeks into flower.