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WE DID OUR FIRST RECHARGE!:  So in starting let me be fair to recharge and fair to myself.  I am currently building the grow while growing way too many plants. They have also been kept alive way too long.  Lastly, I forgot to aerate my soil before recharging and I believe the girls did not receive the thorough watering they should have.

THE TWO TEST SUBJECTS:  One is FORBIDDEN FRUIT and one is SFV OG.  The FF and all similar cuts have been nutrient sensitive.  The OG was off a plant that was notorious for leaf clawing and papery leaves.  This cutting was the worst of all the OG cuts.  Because of these tendencies, I plan to remove this particular cultivar from our grow, but I chose her as a subject because she needed the most help.

THE RESULTS:  Keep in mind these feedings were applied to poorly aerated soil with a 3/4 dose of RECHARGE.  Also please note that I topped, low stress trained and sometimes neglected them during the build.  These plants were also stunted a couple times from an over watering and a very late transplant.  Focus more on their overall growth and improved vigor rather than plant structure when viewing these results.  I made them funky not the RECHARGE.  We plan to do a full dose on our next feeding.  This is good stuff Scotty!!!   These pics are before, and approx. 46 hours after feeding them with RECHARGE.