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After seeing a CFL grow question in the questions and answers section, I thought this might be useful to some newer growers with tight budgets. It’s an embarrassingly bad setup and yield for the space, but just so people without budgets know it can be done.

– 4 x SunBlaster 200W CFL bulbs, 2 x 6400K, 2 x 2700K
– 4 x Bubblegum in non-recirculating DWC, Remo’s full line plus about a litre of aerated worm casting tea every week or two in a 5×5 tent.
– Environment was on the cool side, being a basement in Canada without a heater, ranging from about 17 up to about 27 throughout the grow (63-81 ish F).
– Humidity was low, usually around 30 – 40 % Relative Humidity start to finish (old house, lots of mold, wasn’t risking it).
– I had a dehumidifier, no humidifier, no heater, and no air conditioning and a measly two under-powered fans.
– Terrible flush, dried too much, had a hint of hay in there.

In the end though, it was my first photoperiod harvest and my first grow that had no issues.

Final yield: 12 3/4 ounces. I’m sure many can do far better, but as a newer grower using crappy lights, there’s at least an example for ya.

Yes, LEDs are replacing those as the budget allows, but they got me started until I learned enough to buy the right stuff.