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Hey DGC,

Well I have Gorilla Lite 4×4 and 550r, and a AC Infinity 6″ arriving this week.

The sheet of paper that came with the 550r said it needs 12″ of clearance. I know alot people hang the fan filter above the light or outside the tent.

What’s the best plan of attack for setup? I’m going to start my 1st ever run finally the beginning of March (almost 10 months of nerding out on youtube/podcast/forums trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible, and it’s been the most fun I can remember just “learning” something new, so thank you to all the DGC!)

I will be running Mephisto autoflowers in a perpetual grow, and plan to start 2-3 seeds every 3-5 weeks depending on things in the tent). So eventually there will “hopefully” always be a couple girls close to coming down. Also once a month all the the in-laws are over for dinner, and tent room shares a wall with bathroom (they have no idea I even medicate). So keeping the smell down is a must!

Acoording to sheet in the HLG box the light needs 12″ of clearance. Now I know hanging the fan/filter above the light is probably the most effective, but if the light needs 12″ of clearance under the fan/filter that robs almost an extra foot of space (almost 2ft lost to top of 7′ tent with fan/filter and light). I’m also thinking about running the filter out of the tent but mounted on like a book shelf or something so there’s no bend in the ducting. It sounds like once you add bends it means the fan/filter must work harder, or it’s less efficient in scrubbing the air? What’s the best option you guys and gals have?

Does the 550r “really” need the recommended 12″ between the top of the driver and tent ceiling or ainline fan? I plan to have at least 1 small oscillating  6″ fan just for the top of the light to keep it cool (or a bigger fan or more fans for cooling just the light if needed).

Option 1 would be the typical fan/filter in the tent I guess? Option 2 supported so no bend in the ducting option 3 90° to the floor?