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Sup fellas and the DGC,

DOT Mike comin back atcha. I’m looking to set up a small 4 x 4 x 6.5 ft tent here in the next couple weeks. Nothin fancy. A space to grow personal meds and maybe start next years outdoor crop in. Just looking to keep it simple and efficient, easy to maintain and somewhat stealthy.

Heres what I was thinking:

-LEC 315 (I heard sunsystem makes best lamp. Thoughts?)

-Blumats (no pumps/timers and is a good way to automate things with my busy schedule. Looks like there is a regular model and a maxi. Anyone have any experience with these two?)

-Poundhouse super soil recipe (I’m hoping to keep it all organic and bring the diggety. Should work well with the blumats. Of course a once a week recharge treat as well)


My main question has to do with ventilation and the environment. I already have an 8″ max can fan and can 66 filter I used for scrubbing a dry shed. This tent will be in my single car garage. I’d like to keep it as stealthy as possible as the wife’s parents can get a little curious at times when visiting. The temperatures in the garage are pretty cold (50’s-60’s).  I also have access to a humidifier and oscillating fans. Also have a heater if necessary.

What would be The best way to set up my ventilation keeping in mind the stealth factor? I’d like to keep everything in the tent if possible so there’s not a lot of ducting and environmental controllers outside of the tent. Do I need multiple fans for air exchange or can I get away with just the (1) 8″ max fan? Where’s the best placement for the filter and fan? I won’t be air cooling my hood. Is it okay to exhaust the tent air into the same room (garage) that I’m getting fresh air from? If not I can probably run some duct along the garage floor into the crawl space. I figure with only 315 watts and the colder garage air, I wouldn’t really run into any heat issues.

Also how do I set up my fan to exchange the air?  Do I put it on a timer and set it to exhaust the air every 15 or so minutes?  Or set it on some sort of thermostat so it only exhausts the air when it starts to get hot in there?

Sorry for so many questions but I know how important the environment part of things are and I’d really like to get this set up right the first time. Plus maybe I could take pics along the way And hopefully some frosty harvest photos.

Thanks for all the help and feel free to let me know if I left anything out.  I’m thinking I still have time to get this thing set up in the next couple of weeks and Do one full run before I want to use the tent space to start vegging my outdoor clones before moving into the greenhouse in May.

Thanks again.

Growers Love

DOT Mike