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Hello all of DGC friends, Started watching a lot of the show in the last year and have profited very well knowledge wise and appreciate the show. I wish to one day to be a paying member, but I’m holding out until there is Recharge and free seeds available to Canadian members, thank you and rock on fellas!

I got a few grows of some great dank so far from my 5×5 with a thouwie, but have been blown away buy the results from my other two 2×4 tents rocking LED. I’ve really been sold on the better quality of LED bud and want to upgrade. So far in my 2×4 tents each have 1 Viparspectra R900 (405w) has produced phat heavy dank and crazy terps out of the phenos I`ve tested. I know they are only a midrange LED while some SK or HLG LEDS are king.

Question is: Will 1 HLG 550 Rspec($1500) out perform and produce better and more bud than 3x Viparspectra R900($1100) ?

I know the Vipar 3 pack would use 1200w real watts where the HLG is 480w, but I think the 3 pack would be cheaper initially, provide more light and heat overall. Plus I like the switches on the Viparspectra to be able to switch from veg to bloom spectrums.

Also, between the two how is the better Chinese panel, Meizhi or Viparspectra?

Are the Samsung 301 LEDs on the HLG and other quantum type boards sooooo much better that I should go Samsung chips over 5w Bridgelux/Epistar LEDS no matter what?

I feel the cheaper initial price, ability to switch veg to bloom and be modular for other uses down the road is the better and safe way to go. Especially since I`ve had good results with the Viparspectra, I cant see the HLG locked to one spectrum killing 3 of the Viparspectra in a 5×5.

Please tell me how I’m wrong and let me know your thoughts to help me decide what to buy?

BTW: First 2 pics are HPS 5×5, second 2 are 2×4 LED