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So I’ve always used 240 watt lm301b quantum boards 3000k with 660nm. Ordered 2 more 3500k+660nm. But along with the samsung and epistar 660 chips they have osram 660 , 730, and 395. BUT ALL ON THE SAME SWITCH?! not sure why but a cheap way to save money I guess. So being all 3 additional spectrums are on together or off together, when is a good time to run them? I’ve heard negative effects in veg, I’ve heard 15-30 min before lights off only, I’ve heard 2 hours a day in late flower,  and I’ve heard not at all in late flower… as you see I’m very confused on this. Any on hands experience with these add on chips? Again these are all on or all off so fighting spectrum together. Autoflowers in organic soil or coco in 3 and 5 gal fabric pots