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Hey Dude, Scotty and Guru! Love the show, I am a semi new grower. I started in AZ when it became legal to grow in January of last year. I am currently working on my 5th grow. For the most part I have been pretty successful. I did lose my 2nd run to root aphids in late veg. Other than that no major setbacks. I only have one 4×8 tent, I veg and flower in the same tent. My last run was 10 GMO clones and it yielded just over 64 oz. It was super 🔥 but, I have grown tired of only having one strain to smoke. My current run is 5 different strains from seed. I have GRCXBBC and Nana Glue from Square One Genetics as well as Funky Charms, Popscotti and OMFG from Exotic Genetix. They all say between 8-10 weeks of flower time. I am about 7 weeks into flower. It is a bit tricky trying figure out when to start the flush. They will all need to be harvested at the same time because I use the tent to hang them. Any tips you could offer on timing the flush and harvest when running multiple strains at once would be great! Keep doing your thing fellas, I will listen as long as the show exists 👍