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What’s up guys. I wanted to post this light i got back in September and started growing my current Critical Blue Auto under. I got it for 24$ of Amazon and im surprised how this light is working so great. I uploaded the specs of the light to the pics below to hopefully have some of you guys who can translate or understand what it really means. I understand the 85w is what is pulled from my wall but what does the light produce? I have a 300w 120$ led and a 600w $219 LED both blurple and dont give me near as good results as this 1 single 85w led. Is this a fluke? I bought another and have it running next to the other above a blue dream auto in veg and she is doing better than ever. I used a light meter I have and i get 1000 all around the canopy and with the 300w and 600w LEDs I was getting 500-800 on the meter same distant from light to canopy. So it seems to me the cheaper light has shown better light penetration and it’s all white with a few red so my room isnt fucking blurple looking all the time. What do you guys think? Im only in a 2x5x7 closet with 4 plants and 4 LEDs. I’m wondering about switching up the blurple and get 1 more of the 85w LED for 32$ and have a light for each plant. I hope this explains it enough. Please ask any questions if you need more information on the specs. Thanks for support guys!