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Hey guys I really love the show. Currently have been flowering in a 4 x 8 with two HPS lights and one exhaust fan with a couple clip on fans that controlled the temperature down to 75 to 80° the plants did very well at this temperature. Well after we worked out the bugs with that we decided to step up the game and jump to an 8 x 8 tent with four HPS 1000w lights . Currently the lights are all daisy chain together with 6 inch vent tubing with one exhaust fan driving air out of the tent. With a box fan running as well temperature Is 95 to 100°. We then tried moving the exhaust vent to bring in cool air from outside of the tent through the lights out the other side where it never comes directly into the tent and saw the same results. Do you have a recommended way to keep this kind of a set up cool around 75 to 80° with 4 HPS lights running full blast?? i’m not sure of daisy chain and four lights together will keep it cool or if I need to separate exhaust fans for each pair of lights? If you recommend an air conditioner which is the best way to add that to the system as well I’ve seen the portable ones with the snorkels or should I get one that goes inside the tent? We just wanted to get our temperature dialed in before we put any plants in this tent this was a dry run no plants just exhaust fans and a box fan.


atlantic jungle