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Hello DGC! Here is my 4×4 tent stuffed with 6 plants in there final flush stage. I have 2 separate phenos of the Amherst Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, Putang, Gorilla Grape Gush, and Mako Shark. All are frosty as can be. I am growing in Coco using canna a/b, terpinator, earthworm castings, cal mag, and drum roll please…. RECHARGE!  I am a 3 year grower and find this to be a straight up simple way to see great return. Cana’s feeding schedule is easy to follow and has yet to burn my plants.  I plan to experiment in dry amendment coco similar to Mr. Canuck just to learn a bit more about growing. If all fails I know I can go back to the canna tried and true method for me. Hope you enjoy these pics, thanks for all you do for us growers! Stay safe/Happy Holidays.