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Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru, Kyle, Bruce, and all the DGC

I just wanted you to know why I support you and the Crew and to let you know that you are more of a moral compass than most of the institutions “they” (the man, MAN!!!) have pushed on us.

A little background.

I am the black sheep of my flock. I was raised in a strict Christian barn that was loving, but mostly relied on what a human in a gold chair had to say for our moral guidance. I spent all my life judging others and myself harshly. I even judged my best friend for smoking the same muggle that I now smoke. The last 2 years have been the first time I started being honest with myself. With the help of my ewe (my sheep wife), a cow therapist, and f*ing hard work I have turned my life around and will continue to improve on myself.

I had a few bad experiences with the herb when I was younger and never thought it could have changed my life as a sheep so much and in such a positive way. I was an alcoholic, angry, judging, and generally unhappy with myself.

Enter the DANK!!! I can’t believe how much the herb has opened my mind and my heart so I came to the only possible conclusion… build a cannabis factory.

I started growing over a year ago. I had my own guru, a German shepherd, whom I persecuted for years for growing the same Texas Tea for which I was sought advice. He was a big part of the success of my first harvest, but he was an old-school guerrilla grower and couldn’t explain why he did some of the things he did. This black sheep has an engineering degree (breaking the stoner and sheep stereotypes) and loves numbers and details (Shout-out to Guru). So I realized I needed to find some other resources.

Look Ma.

It’s bird! It’s a plane! No, It’s the Dude Grows Show!!!

Here they come to save the daaaaayyyyyy!

I have been listening to you “bodacious brothers of dank” for over a year now. I used to listen to a news podcast for many years and realized how much the news brings the funk; not the dank. I have downloaded all of the past episodes and listen to y’all in the grow room, the greenhouse, the barn and everywhere else these hooves can carry me.

I’ve heard Scotty say that he doesn’t think he’s not a bastion of morals. Ha! I have heard all my life what others thought were morals I should be following. Most of those humans and barnyard animals say one thing and act differently. I’m guilty of it too. If more people thought and treated others the way you do this barnyard of life we call earth would be a lot better of a place. Since I have been awakened by the dank I have changed my whole way of viewing life and morals. I’m far from perfect, but still working on it. We are all here for a limited time and should be loving one another and not trying to always screw each other over for a piece of paper that we treat like god.

Love and Dank to all of the DGC.

Baa Baa,