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Hello DGC,

On a recent episode of grow talk You where talking about air conditioners and about Dudes window A/C hack. I recently Had to add an A/C into my grow as the temperatures outside started to climb. This winter I had  switched from a vented tent, to a sealed Co2 enriched tented because of extreme low humidity. The space around my tent is tight so something like Dudes option was out. So I had to give up some floor space and go with a portable floor A/C unit. I vented it out the top so the heat was leaving the tent, but I was still pulling air from the tent and then exhausting it out. So I  bought a HVAC 10x10x8 ceiling register box and mounted it to the back over the air intake. I used self adhesive foam padding that came with the A/C  to help seal the box to the unit. I put it around the intake and then used a few light ratchets to strap it to the A/C.  I attached a piece of 8″ ducting a ran it out of the tent.  After sealing it in a few place with silver HVAC tape, I tried it out and turn the Co2 back on. Its been a week and It seams to be work will. I don’t see my Co2 regulator kicking any more then normal and the A/C has an auto mode with a temperature setting so it only runs when it needs to.  Now I just need to find a way to mount my Dehumidifier in the tent so I can get back some floor space.

Thank you Dude, Scotty, Guru, Rolling Stoner and anyone else that makes this community a place worth wanting to be a part of each and every day. #DGCforlife