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Howdy,  Our growspace is somewhat disadvantaged but it’s the best we have.  We live in a lovely old house on the top floor, here in Chicago.  Our grow space is a side room under the roof.  The space is finished but suffers from heat due to the roof above received the maximum sunlight no matter the season.  As a result, even in winter we struggle with temps and in the warmer season, we have to run every AC in the place, freezing us sometimes, in order to get the temps in the tents into the low 80’s, then of course the humidity exits.  So, high temps, struggles with humidity and both routinely swinging are our challenges.  I have tried to immense frustration two different commercial humidifiers and the best solution so far is rednecking it which gives 45-50%; if it’s raining perhaps high 50%-low 60%s max.  The result is an average yield of .5 oz-ish/20 plants, no matter what we do.  We use LEDs and fans, great lakes soil, recharge, Roots Organics nutes very lightly…  Quality has been good and steadily improving, however.  I give them all the love, kind words, thoughts, good vibes and music, that I can.  But jeebiz am I ever getting frustrated with my results.

Given our environmental conditions (and they are unlikely to change), is there anything I can do (ie apart from lowering temp and raising RH) to be more successful/increase yield? The only solution I can think of is to grow as many plants as the space can handle thus increasing yield/time if not yield/plant.  I want to get better at this and I guess I need to sort out what I can change vs. things I can’t, so to not waste time and aggro.  Bud at the store is just fucking stupid expensive; disgraceful really, and the only connect we had, well we don’t have anymore.

Many thanks and best wishes.  🙂 MC

p.s. thanks again for including the meme I sent on the Wake and Bake show!