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What’s up DGC,

New poster but have been listening to the show for almost a year. Y’all have provided me with many hours of education and entertainment. Thank you!

I grow organic medicine for myself and someone dear to me. I normally don’t post cannabis stuff online but it’s legal now in my state and I need stop being a weed hermit! Quarantine has me reconsidering the value in socializing online. Guess I’m old and late to the party.

As such I’ve started posting a few places to share my passion and hopefully meet some cool people.

Now to my current grow. My last run of photos herm’d out bad and screwed the pooch big time. I needed to rebound fast and suddenly autos were a lot more appealing. After some research it was clear my opinion on autos was behind the times. Autos have come a LONG way since I last looked. There are a handful of breeders out there putting years of work taking strains out to F5/F6 generations with multiple back crosses to original photo. The result is an extremely stable and accurate representation of the original photo strain but in auto format finishing 75-80 days from seed.

Attached are a few pics of my ladies at day 75. Strains are CDLC and Double Grape. Both are from Mephisto Genetics. I highly recommend them. One of the pics is a side by side comparing the pic they have on their buy page vs my end result. I’d say that’s pretty stable.

Setup details:

Tent: 4×4

Lights: 2x 240w QBs 3k w/ independent  uv & ir switches

Medium: NFTG #4 Soil

Container: 3 gal fabric pot

Nutes: NFTG

Enzymes: SLF-100

Microbes: Recharge, Soil Balance Pro

Schedule: Feed, Feed , Tea, Feed, Feed, Flush –> repeat

Water: I have the same problem as Dude with the well water & softener. My PPM from the well is around 450. Ended up installing a pump at a creek that runs through my property. I have to lug it back to the house and up some stairs in 5 gal buckets but hell if I’m not getting fit by growing weed! Or as Scotty would say, breaking the stoner stereotype 😂.