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What up DGC, I am about to start and document a Grow Dots run on my newb channel… I will do photos in a few months in dialing 2x4s vs an organic run but for now the 2×2 is open so i will be doing auto flowers to try and get to know the DOTS. I saw that Scotty recommends inherit medium. So my question is how do I start the seeds in an inert soil.  I have had great success putting seeds straight into the soil using roots organic or happy frog mix with ocean forest… So I am stumped as to how to start seeds with the DOTS. Also what is a DGC approved inherit soil.  Love the show!! Scottus interuptus is hilarious and the Dudes patience is kick ass. If i could have gurus phone number that would be great, Haha thanks again guys I watch every show and have learned more in the last 8 months then all of high school. Peace out grownies✌