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Hey DGC, new to the crew. Great show.

I have a garden I got started a little late here in Michigan due to how much it cost me to grow more then 12 legally here. By the time I could afford it May was almost over. I plan I growing on a larger scale next year. This year’s outdoor grow is somewhat of a warm-up to next years.

I planted seedlings as I built and filled raised beds all throughout June. The beds are around 4’x4′ and 18″h. Filled with local sifted Sandy loam soil from the field the beds are in. I know that’s not ideal but I’m on a budget and I had a lot of beds to fill. I amended the soil with compost, worm castings, bat guano, blood meal, bone meal, and azamite. I had to spread out the amendments a little more then I would have liked to so I’m supplementing with and RAW nutrients from NPK industries right now for the veg so I guess it’s a synganics operation. I’m using recharge as well of course. Great stuff. I’m thinking about adding super thrive to veg lineup.

1. My first question is adding super thrive unnecessary?

2. Are there better ways I should be assisting the lower amounts of organic amendments in the soil while I’m in veg?

3. I listened to guru’s explanation of why it’s better to transplant slowly increasing pot or grow bag size rather then what I did which was putting a seedling right in the raised bed and I still don’t get it. Can someone please explain this?

4. Why do the roots split up in a small pot and what’s the difference between that and root bound? I thought when the roots curled at the bottom was bad.

5. Won’t the roots fill the raised bed anyway if the bed is tall enough? I thought the roots would normally never go deeper then around 18″ unless forced to grow down because there is no room to grow out, so to me that means they naturally expand much more then grow down.

Any and all transplant tips are welcome. Keep in mind next year I will be doing this on a commercial scale. Also next year I plan on starting my plants (in either gorilla grow tents, or just converting my entire basement to a veg room) for a couple months before I bring them outside. I plan on lining rows of 100 gallon radical bags on pallets instead of the logs I used this year. The logs were free and again I’m on a budget this year. I also plan on ordering my soil from build-a-soil next year.

Sorry for how long this post is I’m really high and I had a lot to say lol.